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Labinar – October 19

LC/MS: The obvious next step

LC/GC Bootcamp – Oct 16-20

The course everyone should start with.

LC/GC Bootcamp – Dec 4-8

The course everyone should start with.

    The Axion Course Line Up

    After taking our hands-on chromatography training courses, you will know more about HPLC and GC than 95% of the professionals who do GC or HPLC for a living! That is a bold statement to make, but it’s true. Axion has been providing the finest professional chromatography training to every major pharmaceutical, chemical, and petroleum company in the US for more than 25 years.

    Hands-on LC/GC Bootcamp

    You will learn HPLC and GC theory, operation, troubleshooting, routie maintenance and method development.  You can expect to spend much of the week in the lab practicing what you learn.

    Hands-on Advanced GC

    Once you have a firm grasp of GC fundamentals, you are ready for the advanced GC course which offers more breadth of GC topics…and 12 advanced lab experiments to get some hands-on experience with the new topics.

    The LC/GC Bootcamp is prerequisite.

    Hands-on Advanced HPLC

    Once you have a firm grasp of HPLC fundamentals, you are ready for the advanced HPLC course which offers more breadth of LC topics…and 10 opportunities to get some hands-on experience with the new topics.

    The LC/GC Bootcamp is prerequisite.

    Virtual Course

    Can’t travel to Chicago?  This is the on-demand virtual HPLC & GC course that everyone has been asking about. You will be given access to the Virtual LC/GC Bootcamp recorded lectures and labs.

    Let us know your needs and we promise to help you find the best path.

    We can train 1 or 100.  Submit your info so we can contact you and provide your organization with a training solution and skills that you need.

    I will help you master HPLC & GC.

    You know that chromatography is an essential skill.  Our HPLC and GC courses will help you develop a competitive and valuable skill set.

    We have been teaching chromatography for 30 years and I promise – you CAN learn chromatography.

    What Our Students Say

    {Over the course of my career, I have attended several GC and HPLC trainings. This was the first training in which I left the course with a level of understanding that I could maximize the equipment. Rather than leaving with a tip or a trick for method development, Dr. Polite provided a complete roadmap to method development from theory to application in the training. It was enjoyable to go from the art of method development to the science of method development. For anyone looking to learn GC/HPLC, increase their lab skill sets, or make the transition from experienced user to expert; I would highly recommend this course.
    Joe Block
    {I'm glad I had the opportunity to attend two of the courses Axion offers. Dr. Lee Polite is one of the best teachers I ever met and his knowledge over the LC subject is amazing. I definitely recommend anyone that wants to learn about chromatography to attend the courses offered by this institute.
    Klleber Oliveira
    Senior Scientist, Quality Control USANA Health Sciences Inc.
    {The team at Axion Labs offers a level of personalized and high-quality instruction that is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. Given how challenging of a technique chromatography is, I was blown away by the ability of every instructor to break it down into lessons that were easy to understand and retain. I came into an Axion class knowing the bare minimum about chromatography and left with the tools/confidence needed to solve various chromatography problems in the lab.  
    Stephen Braunewell
    Associate Scientist II bluebird bio
    {...was a game changer for my career. It single handedly helped me get every job I have ever had.  I was in metrology at APP pharmaceuticals. It helped me move to AD at a startup and later a third party field service tech and now owning my own service business. I am very thankful for my experience.
    Michele McClain
    Owner LakeShore Scientific
    {Clearly explained topic with excellent detail, gave examples of applications relevant to my job application.
    Cathleen Roush
    Air Pollution Specialist Air Resource Board, California
    {Great Instructor and staff! I enjoyed the "hands-on" part of this course. This course really broke down GC and the fundamentals.
    Carla Reguen
    Forensic Chemist Wilmington Police Dept. Crime Lab
    {This course was extremely helpful in teaching the fundamentals of GC. The instructor presented the material in a fashion that was easily understandable.
    Monika Kothari
    Lab Technician Nalco Water

    The Axion difference



    Dr. Lee Polite has been teaching chromatography to professionals for over 30 years. He has been invited to lecture on the topic in 17 countries and has trained over 12,000 professionals.


    As the gold standard for chromatography training, Axion has provided hands-on training to every major pharmaceutical, chemical, and petroleum company in the US, along with all leading government labs.


    Through an immersive experience in the heart of downtown Chicago, Axion will take you from beginner to expert in both GC and LC, in just 5 days!

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