Advanced GC

Advanced GC



Axion has been teaching GC courses to professionals for 20 years. The most common comment at the end of our fundamental courses is, “This was outstanding. When can I return for an advanced course?” The answer is “now!”

Our new advanced GC course picks up where the fundamental courses (Practical Gas Chromatography from Agilent and GC: Fundamentals, Troubleshooting, and Method Development from the American Chemical Society) leave off. We’ll start with a review of the important parameters that affect separation in GC (capacity factor, selectivity and efficiency). These resolution parameters are the basis of all GC separation. The participant will take this knowledge and apply it to some real world problems.

This advanced course will include extensive labs and lectures to dig more into headspace GC and GC/MS as well as covering advanced methods development, the utilization of alternative column chemistries, ultrafast GC, and advanced sample prep techniques to enhance both sensitivity and selectivity.

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