LC/GC Bootcamp



After this course, every student knows more about LC and GC chromatography than 80% of the professionals who do GC or HPLC for a living! That is a bold statement to make, but it’s true. Axion has been providing the finest professional chromatography training to every major pharmaceutical, chemical, and petroleum company in the US for more than 25 years. These companies are repeat customers because the participants love our classes and their employers love the value provided by well-trained and more productive employees.

This course is designed for users of ANY familiarity level who want practical laboratory experience and thorough understanding of the technique fundamentals. By the end of this course, students will feel comfortable operating any modern GC/LC. As an added bonus, the instructor makes it both simple and fun to learn. All of the classroom instruction is reinforced with plenty of hands-on time with HPLCs and GCs.

Every participant will have the opportunity to build a calibration curve, develop complex methods from scratch, and optimize GC methods and LC Methods to separate complex samples in less than 1 minute! No prior experience in advanced mathematics, theoretical chemistry, or physics is required for this course. All students need is a desire to learn HPLC and GC.

This course is fast paced and fun! Yes,  hard to believe but not only do we learn chromatography we also have fun while doing it.  Axion takes students out to lunch daily and also plan activities around Chicago at night.

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