Become an HPLC Master With Our Liquid Chromatography Courses

Master HPLC | Step 1

What are your goals?

HPLC is the future.  Every pharmaceutical company needs HPLC – a need that will keep growing.  The same is true in many other industries.

Why do you want LC training?  Let us know and we will help you get prepared for Step 2 – our combined LC/GC class – the LC/GC Bootcamp.

Master HPLC | Step 2

Enroll in the LC/GC Bootcamp

You will learn essential knowledge and skills to confidently operate HPLC’s (and GCs). The 5 day LC/GC Bootcamp will give you the practical hands-on skills you need and “put you in the driver’s seat”.

Why take a combined LC and GC class?  Watch the video on this page and the one here:  Learning both HPLC and GC can advance your career.

Master HPLC | Step 3

Advanced HPLC

Practice what you learned in the LC/GC bootcamp plus try a variety of hand-picked advanced HPLC techniques.

You will spend about 75% of this 4-day advanced liquid chromatography training course in the lab enjoying hands-on time with our modern liquid chromatographs.

Dr. Lee N. Polite

Master HPLC | Step 4

HPLC Cohort

By this point in your HPLC training you will be an HPLC master – but even masters can have an off day.  Don’t worry about that though.

Premium support from Axion Training Institute instructors and alumni will be the ace up your sleeve.

Leaning more towards gas chromatography?

Take the drivers seat of your GC and of your career.