LC/GC Bootcamp vs. Advanced Topics In HPLC & GC Courses

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You want chromatography training so you can solve your separation problems, advance your research and your career.

We can help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking for HPLC training or GC training.

One question we often hear is, “What’s the difference between the LC/GC Bootcamp and your Advanced Topics in HPLC or Advanced Topics in GC course?”

Here’s the simple answer:

The LC/GC Bootcamp is the best chromatography training to start with for most people

Take the LC/GC Bootcamp first, then either (or both) of the Advanced Topics courses.  If you follow that learning path, we promise you will gain technical mastery in both HPLC and GC.  You will feel confident knowing you can solve almost any HPLC or GC challenge you face.

Now here’s the longer answer:

The LC/GC Bootcamp is a HPLC and GC training course that will enable you to perform about 85% of chromatographic separations. In the LC/GC Bootcamp we take you from fundamentals to expert in one week. We really get you to that high level of knowledge, understanding the fundamentals, having all the building blocks. 

Once you are equipped with expert level knowledge and skill you can return to Axion Labs for one (or both) of the Advanced Topics courses.

For example, in GC most applications can be done with a split/splitless injector and an FID detector.  Once you have technical mastery of GC with FID you will be able to tackle about 85% of separation problems.  You will learn that in the LC/GC Bootcamp.  But there are another dozen detectors and another handful of injection techniques that we will use for special applications in GC. Those are the topics that we cover in the Advanced Topics in GC course.

The same sort of analogous situation exists in HPLC.  About 85% of all separation problems can be solved with acetonitrile/water or methanol/water on a C18 column with a diode array detector.  You will learn these chromatography skills in the LC/GC Bootcamp.  But we have other modes of separation. We have HILIC, ion chromatography, size exclusion, gel permeation, gel filtration… So why do we have all those specialty topics? Well there are special reasons why you might need them. 

But the fundamentals have never changed. They’ve been around forever so the bootcamp class, the LC/GC bootcamp really does take you from beginner to expert in that one week. You get lots of hands-on experience with LC’s and GC’s and then once you’ve completed that it’s time to consider the Advanced Topics courses.  You will learn about special injectors and detectors, advanced sample prep approaches for some of the more unique problems out there.

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