What do a Porsche and Axion have in common? The experience of a lifetime. Just like a Porsche can go from 0 to 60 in four seconds, Axion Training Institute accelerates analytical skillsets through hands-on GC and HPLC training to help you launch your chemistry career to a whole new level.

This year at Pittcon, to celebrate their 20th anniversary, Axion will be giving away a Porsche as a reminder that they can help you go from zero to expert in just four days! Stop by booth 1848 for your chance to win, and while you’re at it, find out how you can, “learn more about GC in 1 week than many years on the job” and join over 12,000 chemists from the top pharma, petrol and chemical companies that have skyrocketed their careers with Axion.

Axion Training Institute was built from the ground up to provide hands-on, in-depth training courses for chemists from around the world to share their passion for learning and elevate their analytical skills to make a difference in the modern world. Axion brings you the best in class teachers and techniques, as a part of a world-class experience combining chemistry and community as you’ve never seen before.

Not going to Pittcon this year, no worries! You’ll still have a chance to win some awesome prizes, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @Axionlabs to stay tuned for your opportunity to win big on social.

Axion Training Institute & Laboratories
(312) 243-2153

February 19, 2020
Chicago, IL, Pittcon 2020. For Immediate Release