Agilent? Waters? Shimadzu? Does it matter which one I use?

Dec 15, 2022

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So the thing I like to tell people is that I teach classes on a very non-denominational basis.

In other words a GC is a GC. I don’t care if you have an Agilent, Waters, Shimadzu, PerkinElmer…

I’m a non-denominational Instructor

Every GC is the same. We have to set the right column length, diameter, film thickness, stationary phase, injector flow, detector flow. So it doesn’t matter the make and model. We’re going to learn the same thing for all of them. 

So my analogy is if I’m a driving instructor and I’m here to teach you how to drive a Ford pickup truck, it’s pretty much the same as teaching you how to drive a Chevy pickup truck. They all have the accelerators and the brakes and the steering wheels in the same place. The same is true for chromatography. 

What you’re going to learn here you will be able to transfer to any instrument out there, any HPLC or GC brand, any make and model. You’re going to find that commonality and that’s what we teach you here at Axion.

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